Tuesday Morning Coffee Rota

July 2017   October 2017      
4th Lynne and John Kellow 3rd Robin Palmer
11th Lyn Crockford 10th Liz Bonser and Linda Gilbert
18th Bob and Jan Haynes 17th Lyn Crockford
25th Rachel Bright 24th  Lynne and John Kellow
    31st  Bob and Jan Haynes 
August 2017   November 2017  
1st Jackie and Doug Reed 7th Rachel Bright
8th Liz Houghton 14th Jackie and Doug Reed
15th Sue Heath 21st Liz Houghton
22nd Gill and Charles Bignall 28th Sue Heath
29th Sue and Pete Otter     
September 2017   December 2017  
5th Diane Williamson 5th Gill and Charles Bignall
12th Jenny and Max Nocton 12th Sue and Pete Otter
19th Elaine Burgess 19th Jenny and Max Nocton
26th Maria Clayton    

Thank you very much for your help with the rota; I know it is appreciated by everyone. If you are unable to help on the given day, please could you organise an exchange with someone else and let me know. 

The Post Office starts at 9.30 and will be finished by 11.30. Please collect the key for the Hall from Linda Gilbert at 6 Wilmot Close and return to her after the coffe morning. Please bring fresh milk and biscuits and reimburse yourself from the takings.

It would be much appreciated if you could also check whether the outside bins for the Village Hall have been put out on the pavement. If not, please ask someone at the coffee morning to do so.

Lyn Crockford Tel: 01949 20724